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Personal Training & Fitness

Experience a transformative fitness journey with our personalized training program, where expert guidance, customized workouts, and consistent support converge to help you achieve your fitness aspirations.

Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaching program offers personalized guidance and support, helping you achieve your health goals through tailored meal plans, expert advice, and sustainable dietary changes.

Menopause Transition

Our specialized program for peri and post menopause combines tailored exercises to support hormonal changes, including bone building strength training, heart healthy cardio, flexibility exercises and nutrition strategies.

Private Outdoor Fitness

Join our expert outdoor fitness coach Tina for private lessons to learn or enhance your skills. More experienced paddle boarding enthusiasts can book a session or weekly lessons to explore the natural beauty and scenic views on our local waterways.

Semi-Private Outdoor Fitness

Embark on an adventure with our semi-private outdoor fitness programs, where you'll join a close-knit group for paddleboard and kayaking lessons, immersing yourself in a blend of skill acquisition and exploration as you navigate our picturesque waterways.

Boutique Bootcamp

Elevate your fitness journey with Tina's weekly Bootcamp sessions at her scenic lakefront abode, where the fusion of fresh air and targeted exercises propels you towards your goals. And don’t worry, there is indoor accessibility for inclement weather.

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