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Book Recommendations

Digital Resources for Perimenopause & Beyond

North American Menopause Society DirectoryFind a Menopause Specialist

North American Menopause Society: Learn about symptoms and solutions

Athletic Aging with Dr. Carla DiGirolamo

Feisty Menopause Home of "Hit Play Not Pause" Podcast, Facebook group and Level Up membership

Lifestyle Strategies for Perimenopause & Beyond


Bonafide products


Menopause Hormone Therapy

KAM Fitness & Nutrition

Preferred Specialized Nutrition Providers

Catriona Courtney Catriona will educate, motivate, and provide the support you need to achieve your short and long-term goals.

Dina Griffin AKA The Nutrition Mechanic  Whether your goals include improving your daily and training nutrition strategies, devising a solid competition day nutrition plan, aging with vitality as a masters athlete, or managing a health condition, she works to carefully understand your goals, challenges, and your unique self.

Christy Monahan is a nutrition, supplement, and functional testing expert who helps women break free from embarrassing and complex digestive problems.

Marissa Sommers A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who will teach you how to fuel with confidence instead of fear.

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