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Client Testimonials

We love our clients! 

Mark B

 I started training with Kerry in 2015 after recovering from an illness. She keeps careful track of my progress and targets those parts of my body that need the most work. Each session is different which keeps it interesting. I have gained a lot of muscle weight and I am in much better shape than when we first began to work together. Kerry is enthusiastic and is always positive and encouraging. I am also very impressed by her work ethic and her desire to take more courses to be on top of her profession. Her professionalism combined with her patience and positive attitude has made these past 5 years of workout sessions not only enjoyable but has kept me coming back.

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jesse b.jpg

Jesse B

  • Coming back from a Total Hip Replacement earlier this year, I knew I needed a trainer with Kerry's skillset to help me regain strength and mobility in a challenging, but safe, way.

  • Kerry's approach is smart and prescriptive, and with her specialization in corrective exercise, I have complete confidence and trust in her abilities to help me meet my goals.

  • She is warm and encouraging, continually striving to expand her knowledge and practice, which makes training sessions with her so effective and really FUN!

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Kathryn S

  • Before I started working with Kerry, I was using exercise videos but I was concerned if was doing the exercises correctly.

  • Upon meeting her, she greeted with warmth and assurance. 

  • She was able to design a program that would benefit me and my health concerns while encouraging and challenging me.

  • Prior to working with Kerry, I was pre-diabetic. I was able to lower my A1C so I didn't have to take medication.


Patrick H

The idea that I could perform a pose like the one pictured would have been laughable a few months back. As many of us age, we begin to question the overweight under-exercised person we allowed ourselves to become. So I found my way to Kam Fitness and then on to Tina as I knew I needed help. From the beginning, I was impressed that Tina came up with a plan that worked well with who I was and evolved to who I needed to be. She upped the routine each week while feeding me encouragement all the way. That was the value of working with someone as experienced as she is. I now enjoy the feeling of being on the road to better health and she certainly has been a great help facilitating that.

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