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Plank-a-thon 2023

KAM Fitness and Nutrition is holding a community Plank-a-thon to benefit local food pantries.

100% of the funds raised go to neighbors in need.

What is a Plank?
A plank is a full-body exercise that, when performed correctly, can be very beneficial to improving core strength. It is very tough to sustain for long periods of time!

What is the Plank-a-thon?
Participants hold the plank position for their desired length of time (for as long as they can). KAM coaches can teach you how to plank safely and effectively in the weeks leading up to the event.

Participants choose the date of their plank to be performed at their own home between May 13th and May 20th. All funds raised must be turned in by May 24th to Kerry Ann or the food pantry of your choice. Checks should be made payable to the food pantry.

Online donations can note that the funds are part of Plank-a-thon and can be included in the total amount raised on your sponsor sheet.

How are the funds raised?

Participants gather funds either by sponsoring themselves or asking family and friends to sponsor them, similar to participating in a walk or run for charity. Sponsors can pledge by the second or minute of your planking time or make a flat-rate donation.

tina side plank.jpg

How is the money used?

100 % of the money raised goes to local food pantries. The food pantry can use this money to purchase food at the Food Banks in larger cities. The pantry can buy 5 lbs of food for every dollar you raise. The more money you raise, the more families you can help.

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